One of Christina's neighbors at the apartment complex was selling some practice amps.  She bought me two of them for me for only $35 - a (See pic 1) and a Peavey Rage 158.  The seller also threw in a microphone.

Pic 1 - Marshall MKII

Unfortunately, she couldn't test them but he said they worked.  Well the Peavey 158 worked great but the Marshall amp had almost no volume.  After a little troubleshooting I figured that the amplifier chip was dead so it was replaced.  See pic 2.  A replacement chip was only $2.32 plus shipping.

Pic 2 - Installed new dead amplifier chip

But that didn't solve the problem. The power supply circuit was tested next and it was all OK. The amp was taken apart further and a broken volume control potentiometer was discovered. See pics 3 and 4.

Pic 3 - Empty Front Panel

Pic 4 - Broken Volume Control Pot and replacement

Dug up an old pot in my electronics tool box and confirmed the potentiometer was the problem. See pics 5 and 6. A replacement cost only $1.50 plus shipping. Spent more money on shipping than parts. Oh well. The new part has white letters in pic 7.

Pic 5 - Test potentiometer

Pic 6 - Test Setup new pot

Pic 7 - New potentiometer installed

The amp is working great and I really like the tones you can get out of this small amp.

Three of my amplifiers (also have 2 more amps but they are really cheap)

My cheap guitars - No guitar cost over $115!

Stairway to Heaven - Look Out!